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Premium Fine Papers

Message and Aesthetics

The stationery used for a letter says more than thousand words. The envelope and paper communicate a clear message to the addressee. With their elegant appearance, special texture and originality, MAYSPIES Premium Fine Papers make that message especially compelling. They express your individual style and give your letters and documents a character of their own. Whether a traditional or modern design is preferred, these papers underpin the importance of your personal message.


High quality, rag containing paper. Chlorine-free bleached cellulose. Paper: even look-through. Paper and carton: double sized. Total office paper: suitable for all modern office technologies. With genuine, watermark adapted to the required length and without a watermark.


High quality, wood-free, single side grained fine paper and fine carton. Interesting appearance. Totally coated.

Transparent Premim

Transparent paper made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose. Transparent envelopes in trendy colours clear, orange, red, blue, yellow, white, denim blue and striped. Suitable for laser and copy, limited suitable for inkjet.

The transparent envelopes from MAY+SPIES enable you to exclusively forward your documents, such as your advertisement, mailings, invitations, notes of thanks etc. without running the risk of getting lost in the bulk of the daiy mail. Give a very personal touch to your correspondence! The full attention of the recipient of your mail will be ensured!

Zanders Gohrsmühle

High quality, rag containing bank post paper. Suitable for all modern office printing technologies. Fully sized. Elegant surface. Timeless colours. With a genuine watermark adapted to the required length.

The MAY+SPIES Performance Range:

·  Plane papers and card, e.g. for brochures, mailings, business reports or documentation

·  Envelopes of every format in a wide range of materials and designs

·  Cards in many formats, trimmed and scored

·  Complete office stationery sets and private stationery cases

·  Various finishes, from matte to high-gloss and smooth to textured

·  Colours from brilliant white to dyed-through dark shades

·  From genuine handmade to hi-tech enamel papers.

  MAY+SPIES Gesellschaft m.b.H. + Co KG
Felixdorfer Gasse 5
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

Phone: +43 (0) 26 22 2 31 43