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Self-Adhesive Products

Diversity and Originality

Some products may not need them, but labels bear information and are marks of distinction that make sure the objects bearing them can be identified and located swiftly. Products are nothing without a suitable label. A special colour or typical motif signals the quality of your product, making it both unmistakable and attractive. From promotional stickers to product identification labels, MAYSPIES self-adhesive products are the right choice for your customised printing needs.

Order and System

Modern technologies need intelligent solutions. Results and data need to be summarized and easy to decipher. Special labelling solutions facilitate correct classification, ensuring precision, manageability, in retail an industry, flexibly printable MAYSPIES labels are perfect and reliable information media.

The MAY+SPIES Performance Range:

Self-adhesive products

·  Plane self-adhesive papers and films

·  Self-adhesive labels for merchandizing, product identification or stickers

·  Various special adhesives and finishes, e.g. frost-resistant, removable, waterproof, and for rough or awkward surfaces

·  Labels in many different colours and materials.

  MAY+SPIES Gesellschaft m.b.H. + Co KG
Felixdorfer Gasse 5
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

Phone: +43 (0) 26 22 2 31 43