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Special products for digital printing

Innovative products that stand out above the rest – that´s MAY+SPIES. Thus, we always had an eye on the rapid development of the colour laser printer, and have always matched our products to the technical progress.

The result: For many years, MAY+SPIES has been in the market with special paper qualities that are always optimally matched to new printing systems. You are the one to benefit from this quality advantage.

Papers for digital printing

·  MAYSPIES Premium Color Laser

Quality: The MAYSPIES Premium Colour Laser Paper has the best running qualities on colour laser systems as well as inkjet and laser printers. Premium Colour Laser (PCL) are bleached without using chlorine gases (TCF). The homogeneous composition of the latest cellulose and filling material of this natural paper ensures excellent printing quality.

Special features: The paper impresses by its pleasant white shade. In conjunction with high opacity and outstanding stability, MAYSPIES Premium Colour Laser is eminently suited for the varied use of modern laser technology – even in duplex printing. MAYSPIES PCL – the multifunction range in all the required grammages and formats.


Silken is extra-smooth paper and has an outstanding opacity and uniformity. Silken is bleached without the use of chlorine gases (TCF) and is especially suitable for digital colour laser printing. The extraordinarily smooth surface ensures impeccable reproduction of colour photographs and the finest details. Matching paper, boxes and envelope covers in three colours.

·  Colour laser card

MAYSPIES Colour Laser card – in different qualities and grammages. From the single-side, high-gloss card to Transparent Premium and Metallic Silver to the high-quality, rag-containing Edelpost card.

Foils for digital printing

NEW: MAYSPIES PolyLaser – in the qualities Translucent, Mark Resist and Matt opaque – May 2007!

MAYSPIES PolyLaser – Optimally suited for use in colour and mono laser printing as well as for offset printing. The foil makes a forceful, dense print image possible and distinguishes itself through its optimum toner adhesion. MAYSPIES PolyLaser is a tough material and is recommended wherever the limits of paper are reached quickly. It is possible to print on both sides of the foil. It is tear-resistant, water, oil and grease resistant and hence can be wiped and disinfected. The long life of this product is also guaranteed without any further operation step (for example, laminating).

Examples of applications: Wine lists and menus, catalogue covers, external application (weather-resistant advertising material), luggage tags, long-term cards, registration tapes, plant care instruction tags, timetables….

Labels for digital printing

Specially designed for the colour laser domain, MAY+SPIES has designed an A3 label program that is tailored to the modern colour laser printing technology.

·  Colour laser labels A3 – ColorLaser TOP

Matt, white, wood-free, machine-smooth paper with good opacity and excellent toner adhesion. With permanent glue. Opaque = upper layer material stained on the reverse side.

·  Colour laser labels A3 – ColorLaser GLOSS

The high-quality gloss appearance is ideally suited for brilliant and effective colour prints, such as advertising labels, representative company and name labels. White, cast-coated, 1-side high-glossy wood-free paper for optically challenging applications. With permanent glue.

·  Colour laser labels A3 – PET white

Matt polyester foil with a colour and toner absorbent surface coating. With permanent glue.

·  Colour laser labels A3 – PET clear

Transparent polyester foil with a colour and toner absorbent surface coating. Transparent, permanently adhering glue.


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